VistaWorks: Methodology: Conceptualization

VistaWorks will create an initial experience that immediately conveys to the user what your business is all about, but how do you stay involved?

Our team will begin by developing visual representations of the website that we call "wireframes". These designs will be reviewed by you and together we will discuss each and every nuance. This is an iterative process where there is ample opportunity to refine colors, images, layout, etc. Using this wireframe will allow for the planning of copy writing, menu and interface design, animation, and photo/video integration.

We will also develop any functional specifications for more complex web application development, addressing usability and scalability throughout the specification.

At the end of the conceptualization stage, all of your ideas will have taken physical form through the wireframes, giving you and VistaWorks the ability to fulfill your website vision., Services
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