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Web Programming can range from the very simple to the ultra-complex. Though technically a website can be created without it, no modern website we produce will be without it.

VistaWorks' programmers are experts in software and application development for the web, including PHP, ASP, JavaScript, SQL, and more.

VistaWorks has developed a considerable number of specialized web applications, including custom shopping carts, custom content management systems, and many unique client specific web applications.

Internet-Controlled Parrallel-Processor Network

Designed and programmed a website interface that allowed users to submit genome data queries via a secure connection to a network of parallel data-processors for processing. Results were displayed, and/or stored in an individual user's account for later retrieval. Development involved working closely with Massively Parallel programmers to develop a ActiveX control that allowed the website application and the processor network to communicate and share data. Services home page
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